***All prices must be in dollar increments***

Level 1   Store Brands such as Kohl's, Sears, Target, Walmart, etc...

Level 2    Chain store brands such as Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, etc...


     Consignors decide how much they want to price each item for.  This is a guide created as a starting point and from observing what sells best in past sales.    You are NOT required to price your items according to this list.  Pricing is 100% your decision.

     A good rule of thumb is to price the item at 25-40% of what you originally paid for the item.  Baby equipment and outdoor play equipment (little tykes, etc... can go up to 60%)  Also take into account the brand and condition of the item.     It's also good to think about how much you would pay for it if you were the one buying it at the sale, remembering to set aside any sentimental value.    We want you to make MONEY and not have to take your items back home!!!

     Newborn sizes should be kept on the low end since they do not sell as well.  I've noticed shoppers are not willing to spend as much for 0-12 months since they are worn for such a short time.