1.  How do I become a Consignor?

Just click this button to get started!

2.  How much does a consignor earn?  

Consignors earns 60% 

Consignor will earn an extra 10% if they work a 4 hours volunteer shift.

Consignor will earn an extra 5% if they refer a new consignor who participates in the sale. 

(that new consignor MUST put your name down on their registration form)

3.  When will I get paid?

Consignor checks will be mailed within 2 weeks of the last day of the sale.

4.  What sizes do you accept?

We accept newborn- size 14/16.

5.  What can I sell?

If your kids use it, we sell it!  Spring/Summer (newborn-size 14/16) (short sleeve shirts, bathing suits, tank tops, sandals, shorts, etc....  jeans are always ok),  Baby Equipment (pack-n-play, exersaucer, stroller, highchair, etc...), Shoes, Sandals & Rain boots  (10 pair limit),  Toys (must be clean with all pieces and working batteries),  Outdoor toys (Little Tykes, slides, swings, etc....),  Bikes, Ride ons,  Books,  Games (gaming systems, board games, etc.),  Furniture (rocking chair, dressers, etc...),  Room Decor,  Bedding, cloth diapers.

6.  What can't I sell?

Long sleeve t-shirts, winter shoes,winter boots, winter pants, winter sweaters, winter jackets, car seats, mattresses, crib bumpers stuffed animals, clothing with holes, or stains, or overly worn.

Maternity clothes. VHS movies.

7.  Is there a minimum number of items I need to consign in order to be a consignor?

Yes, 25 items.

8.  Is there a limit on the number of items I am allowed to consign?

Yes, 250 items total, shoes have a 10 pair limit.

9.  How do I price my items?

We have created a price guide to give you a starting point.

10.  Should I volunteer?

Yes!!! It's easy to do and you keep an extra 10% of your sales.  No experience needed!

Volunteers can sign up to:  help set up the store,  help at the registers,  straighten the store, front door monitor, and sorting unsold items to prepare for consignor pickup after the sale.

11.  When & where can I drop off my items?

 You will drop off your items at the location of the sale.

The old Bed Bath & Beyond in the Pittsford Plaza

3349 Monroe Ave.   Rochester, NY 14618

Click this button to see the drop off hours on the Consignors Page

12.  What happens to my unsold items?

Consignors have the option to pick up their unsold items or Mommy City will donate the unsold items

13.  What do I need to do at pick up?

We will have your unsold items ready for you in the labeled bins you left with us

14.  Will I get my hangers back?

Consignors will not receive their specific hangers back, but are welcome to take some at pick up.

15.  What forms of payment are accepted at MOMMY CITY?

Mommy City accepts cash and credit.  No checks please.