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How to hang clothes

Shirts and dresses must be hanging on a hanger when dropped off.  Please place the clothing on the hanger with the hanger hook facing to the left, like a question mark.
(Old Navy usually will give away free hangers)

Skirts and pants should be hung using a pant hanger or pinned to a shirt hanger.  Do not fold pants over the hanger.  This will prevent pants from falling off during the sale.

Wash clothes and iron if necessary! 
Presentation is everything!!!!

Once you have registered and received your consignor #, you are ready to start tagging!   Just click on the Item Entry and Tag Printing button below to get started.  When you are ready to print, you mustuse white card stock. (our scanners are not able to read the print on colored card stock)

 Where to place the tags
    Pin the tag on the left side of shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, etc...putting on a seam

is best, not in the middle of the shirt (it creates a hole in the clothing!)

or place tag on the tag in the collar

(please put on a seam or the tag in the collar to avoid a hole in the shirt)
                          ***Pin the tag on the left side of skirts, pants, shorts (try to use a seam or you can use the tag on the inside of the cloths)
                          ***Use painters tape to tape tag onto non-clothing items